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Prolotherapy is a remarkable solution for joint and muscle pain that boasts a high degree of safety and effectiveness.

Through the targeted injection of a dextrose solution into the affected area, Prolotherapy stimulates the body’s natural healing processes to promote the growth of new connective tissue. This process attracts vital immune cells and chemicals to the site of injury, facilitating the natural repair of soft tissues, nerves, blood vessels, and muscle tissue.

Prolotherapy can alleviate chronic pain in critical areas like the back, neck, and joints. Prolotherapy has also shown significant benefits in treating tendinopathy and worn joints, including knees, hips, fingers, and shoulders.

In most cases, pain is reduced by 10 to 25% with each treatment.

Cost from $300 per treatment

Main Benefits

Prolotherapy is a fantastic solution that promotes natural healing processes while offering high levels of safety, indicating it as an excellent treatment option for individuals struggling with persistent pain.

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