Injectable Pain Relief Clinic on the Sunshine Coast

PRP and Prolotherapy Pain Relieving Regenerative Treatments

Sunshine Regenerative Treatments

Our regenerative medicine clinics on and around the Sunshine Coast offer long-lasting pain relief for musculoskeletal issues.

We understand that many patients have tried numerous approaches, from doctor visits to allied health providers, without finding a solution. Some may even have been told they need joint replacements, but feel they’re too young for such a drastic measure.

That’s where our clinic steps in, offering cutting-edge pain relief treatments. All treatments are administered by Dr. David Pratt, who is highly experienced in regenerative medicine.

Our treatments include PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) therapy, Prolotherapy and Viscosupplementation. Contact Us today for an initial consultation to discuss pain relief options or click below to view further details on the treatments we can provide.